Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trip to the Past - Dragon Ball Z Yu Buu Retsuden

Probably not many remember this gem from the Mega Drive generation. Outside Japan, it was released in European countries like France, Spain and Portugal, due the huge success DBZ had there.
Talking about the game, this was a competitor to the SNES's Super Butouden counterparts. Sharing a similiar gameplay and story mode, its strongest point was the superb soundtrack created by composers Amayangu, Asshii and Yokoyanma. From the introduction to the staff roll, this games shares very catchy music that much players still remember to this day. It was also the first game to included Krillin as a playable character, who never made an appearance on any of the 3 Super Butouden.
I strongly recommend every DBZ fan to try this at least once, and be aware, the music won't get out of your head for the next days.


  1. Never heard of it before. Sounds pretty good.

  2. interesting stuff. Supporting and expecting the same.

  3. dbz is probably the best cartoon ever

  4. I could never really get into DBZ. I don't know how anybody could take it serious with a giant pink blob that looks like a soft serve ice cream trying to destroy the universe, IDGI.

  5. Use Gens or KEGA if you want to emulate Mega Drive